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Quiet time Bible reading notes

How is your regular reading of God's Word? Do you mange it often? Do you find it hard? Do you start with good intentions, but then give up after a few attempts? 

Having a 'quiet time' or 'daily devotion' time is part of the Christian's walk with our Lord. We can talk to Him in prayer, and we can listen to Him through His Word. 

Christians of any age find it helpful to use Bible reading notes to encourage them read, understand and apply God's Word. We've listed excellent resources below for you.


For Adults:

These Bible-reading notes are clear and consise, helping you to read, understand and apply the extraordinary truths of God's Word, every single day.

Explore is available in three formats: the 3 monthly notes, a phone app and in hardback books.

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These are fantastic Bible reading activity books for children aged 7-10 years old (but can be for younger children too with grown ups helping).

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For 11 to 13 year olds wanting to deepen their faith and consider how God's Word relates to them, they will be very grateful for Discover. They will find themselves coming back to these again and again.

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If you are 14 or older and you want to read the Bible yourselves and consider why Jesus is still relevant in your life and your world try Engage. It is practical, readable and great value. This will really help you establish a healthy habit of digging into God's Word.

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