Our mission

Our mission is to know Christ and make Him known.

There are six fundamental ways we can grow in this aim:

Bible Teaching

We are to sit under God's Word, the Bible, as our supreme authority. We are to expect and delight in clear and faithful study and exposition of the Word of God, so that we can apply it to our public and private lives. 

Prayer and Praise

We are to be humbly dependant on the sovereign workings of our gracious God; committing to Him our praise and petitions in both public and private prayer.

Care and Support

We make Christ known primarily through opening up God's Word. Yet, we also show the love He has shown for us in how we love care for one another in our church fellowship and community. We are to recognise that we must keep meeting together, and visit those who are no longer able to come to Holy Trinity due to illness or age.

Equipping and Training for Life and Service

God has given each one of us gifts that we need to identify, develop and exercise in His service. As a church we must therefore commit to help others discover those gifts. At Holy Trinity we aim to provide ongoing training for life and service at home, in the community and in our daily work.

Reaching Out

We are commanded to love our “neighbour” as ourselves. We are responsible for both demonstrating God’s love and to sharing the Good News of Jesus with anyone who do not know Him. We are therefore committed to loving service and unceasing witness to our "neighbours", all those around us with whom God has given us contact.

Sending Out

Our prayer must be for Holy Trinity to play its part in equipping people to go into God's world and faithfully proclaim His gospel.

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