At Holy Trinity Church, Theale we welcome people of every background and age, at every stage of their lives.

We are Christ's body here in this place - we belong to Him.

We have 3 clear aims

  1. To worship Him
  2. To become more like Him
  3. To share the Good News of Jesus Christ has risen from the dead.

This Good News is for everyone and what better news to share in our dark world than death conquered and sins forgiven.

God’s Mission for Holy Trinity

As Christians we recognise that all that we are and all we have belongs to God. We owe Him everything; each of us serve Him with our time, our talents, and our money.


Holy Trinity Church, Theale is welcoming, vibrant church. To do everything we do, we rely entirely on the money we generate ourselves. We get no assistance from the wider Church.

We need over a £1,000 a week to run Holy Trinity Church, Theale. Every year, existing members are asked to review and, if able, increase their giving.

Planned giving

Planned giving is one of the principal ways of belonging to this parish, and it is the most effective way to give to your church. You simply commit to give a regular amount each month direct from your bank account. It can be easily set up, amended and cancelled. The benefits to you are that you show your determined membership to Holy Trinity Theale, you do so even when you are not at a service, and you do not have to suddenly find loose change when the collection bag comes round. The benefits for the parish are that we know the money is pledged and we can budget ahead accordingly.