Join Martin and Fabian for a new video every Wednesday and Sunday!

On this page you will find videos and songs for your children to enjoy. Scroll down to the bottom for some of the songs we sing in church and assembly!!

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Sunday 5th April - It's Palm Sunday. Come and find out about Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem!

Wednesday's assembly takes us on another adventure as we get ready for Palm Sunday. Join in below.

Sunday 29th March 2020: our children's bible thought and song reminds us about God's great forgiveness. Join in below!

25th March 2020: It's Wednesday - that's assembly day! Watch the video and then choose your favourite song to sing below!


22nd March 2020: Join Martin and Fabian as we give thanks for Mothers and sing one of their favourite songs!


19th March, 2020: Fabian couldn't join us for assembly this week - but he sent this message for all the boys and girls...




Songs for the children to enjoy.

They'll know the actions... get them to show you!