In the community

Theale War Memorial

We are a warm and loving church that is always there for people at their time of need, whatever their life situation. You do not have to attend services to benefit from our work. 

During the course of the year, we work with the local community on various activities.

These include:

  • Providing support and encouragement to people at all stages of their life. Providing pastoral care, loving friendship, and fellowship. We run various groups aimed at new parents, families and those with children, as well as the elderly, providing end of life pastoral care and support.
  • Working with both Primary and Secondary schools in the village. Martin Davy, our Rector takes assembly weekly at Theale Primary School, whilst Marjorie Burrington, our Children and Youth Worker, runs a Latin Club at the primary school and runs the weekly Christian Union at Theale Green Secondary School. Theale Primary uses our magnificent building for its special termly services and also for assemblies twice a week.
  • Partaking in charity work for various local groups, in and around Reading. We often use events such as harvest festival to raise money for the local community charities and the homeless.
  • Running a fantastic choir and orchestra, often singing in the community. We put on concerts for people to attend where we sing a variety of music, traditional through to modern. At Chrismas time we go carol singing, as well as singing at elderly residential centers. 
  • Putting on events in the community to combat loneliness and encourage fellowships, such as quizzes, coffee mornings, knitting and craft groups and charity dinners.