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Holy Trinity Theale
September 2018

Sunday 2nd September 2018 10:30Morning WorshipOn the first Sunday of the month, we have a MORNING WORSHIP Service. This is an informal service lasting between 45 mins and an hour suitable for all the family. The Bible is read and explained in the sermon. There are prayers lead by the clergy and a member of the congregation. We sing a range of hymns modern and traditional. Our orchestra which consists of both teenagers and older folk usually accompanies one of the hymns and the choir sing an anthem. There is Sunday school for children age 3- 10. The teenagers stay in the church for the sermon in this service and often lead the prayers.
11:40Celebration drinks - Ann & Peter's Sapphire Wedding Anniv
12:30Baptism of Dominic Dermott
Tuesday 4th September 2018 15:00Knitter Knatter
18:00Junior Choir Practice
20:00Housegroup meets at the Rectory
Wednesday 5th September 2018 15:00St Ives Close Housegroup
Thursday 6th September 2018 20:00Whitehart Close Housegroup
Saturday 8th September 2018 13:00Wedding of Michael and Siobhan
Sunday 9th September 2018 10:30Parish Communion
Monday 10th September 2018 19:30PCC Meeting at the Rectory
Tuesday 11th September 2018 18:00Junior Choir Practice
20:15Compline/Night Prayer at the Rectory
Sunday 16th September 2018 10:30Parish Communion
Tuesday 18th September 2018 13:00Prayer Lunch at the Rectory (Prayers from 1.30pm)
18:00Junior Choir Practice
20:00Housegroup meets at the Rectory
Wednesday 19th September 2018 15:00St Ives Housegroup
Thursday 20th September 2018 20:00Whitehart Close Housegroup
Sunday 23rd September 2018 10:30Parish CommunionEvery Sunday we serve Family Communion where Bread and Wine is taken. The service consists of hymns, bible reading and a sermon. Explorer groups for children take place during the service. Times are 10:30am except 1st Sunday of the month when it is 6:30pm.
Contact Ann or Peter Templeman
15:00Prayer Safari around Theale and EnglefieldMeet at St Luke's, Englefield Road
Friday 28th September 2018 19:00Parish Farewell/Harvest Social at Theale Green SchoolAll welcome. Tickets £10 per person (£5.00 per child). Sit down meal, barn dancing
Sunday 30th September 2018 10:30Harvest Festival / Ann & Peter's Farewell Service