Holy Trinity Church Theale

Dear all

Spiritual Thirst
“As water to the thirsty…so is my Lord to me.”

Do you ever have trouble sleeping? Do you lie awake sometimes tossing and turning – you can’t get the day’s problems or preoccupations out of your head? What do you do? – get up, make a cup of tea? turn TV on? count sheep? Have you tried praying? That’s King David’s solution as he describes it in Psalm 63 “On my bed I remember you; I think of you through the watches of the night.” When David can’t sleep and the hours go by very slowly, he sets about praising God for all the blessings that God has given him. Why don’t you try it? It really works if you start off by thanking God for all that he has given you and all that He has done in your life even when perhaps you didn’t recognise His hand at work. It’s very easy to be so preoccupied with a particular problem or relationship, we don’t always think about praying about it and committing it to our Heavenly Father.

Fathers have been very much in the news this week as I write as the Archbishop of Canterbury has just learned that his natural father was not who he thought he was. Wonderfully, he seemed very relaxed about the revelation. The identity and nature of our natural father is infinitely less important than the fact that all of us has a Heavenly Father who made us and loves us more than we can begin to imagine. God wants us to bring to Him all our requests and our deepest longings.



Letter from the Rectory - May 2016


Every Sunday we serve Family Communion where Bread and Wine is taken.

The service consists of hymns, bible reading and a sermon. Explorer groups for children take place during the service. Times are 10:30am except 1st Sunday of the month when it is 6:30pm.  

Every month we have a Family Church aimed for all the family. It is a short informal interactive service where young children can move around without parents feeling awkward. The service is themed on the Christian calendar.  See Diary for next date.

On the first Sunday of every month at 10:30am we have a service that will last no more than an hour and consist of familiar hymns, old and new, prayers and readings with separate children’s activities/Sunday School and an adult sermon.

Throughout the year there are Weddings, Baptisms & Funerals. Please contact the Vicar for more information.

Throughout the year various services take place at the Church these include: Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Easter Services

Remembrance Sunday and All Souls Service.  At Christmas we have a number of services including Carols by candlelight, Crib service & midnight communion.

Types of services at Theale

Family Communion with Sunday school

Family Church

Morning Worship

Wedding, Baptism & Funerals

Special services

Psalm 63 has been subtitled, “All our Longing”, which is an evocative way of summing up that God and God alone can satisfy our deepest needs and desires.

David is actually writing this Psalm 63 when he is at exile in the desert and talks about his longing and craving for God in the same way that anyone experiences intense thirst longs for water with his whole mind as well as his body. Finding God is like quenching a raging thirst.

So Psalm 63 can help not just with insomnia but actually with getting the whole of our life in perspective for as St. Augustine said: “Our hearts are restless until they find their rest in You.”

Ann Templeman

May 2016

If that sounds simply like wishful thinking, why not at least come and find out more. Try church at 10.30am on Sunday and perhaps you might be interested in coming along to ‘Ask God a Question 2’. A group of trainee Ministers from Oxford will be visiting Theale again on Wednesday 18th May to tackle difficult questions about the Christian faith, eg what happens after death? why do innocent people suffer? This will be held in St. Luke’s Church, Englefield Road at 7.30pm.