House groups

We have regular groups that meet throughout the year,  these are aimed at everyone and range from an introduction to Christianity to in-depth Bible studies. Themes vary according to the groups' preference and also the time of year, for example during Lent and Advent, discussions will be geared towards the upcoming Easter and Christmas festivals.

A house group usually has around 10 people, who normally meet fortnightly in someone's home for Bible study, discussion and prayer.

Meetings last around an hour and a half. Tea, coffee and a biscuit and friendly conversation are always included. Every group is different, but the aim is always to encourage and support one another, to develop fellowship within the group and church, and to deepen our knowledge and love of God.

House groups are open to all and meet in and around Theale. If you would like further information on joining a house group please click here and complete the information form.